This web page is created by Thomas Borg Salling.

The service may become unable at any time, and no liability of any sort is accepted. The service is free for any non-commercial purposes but is used as-is entirely at your own risk. Supplied strings are stored with no time limit in the system, but are stored anonymously.

The service is coded in Java EE/Spring MVC and deployed on Heroku.

The service will be improved based on user feedback. Please email me any bugs, strange or unexpected behaviour, and improvement ideas you come across. Or - for aismessages - send me a Git pull request.

If the system is misused, or is unrightfully used for commercial purposes, limitations to the access may be applied.

The underlying AIS message decoder is open source, and can be downloaded from GitHub for use in your own applications: https://github.com/tbsalling/aismessages.

Commercial licenses are available for AISmessages (perpetual, royalty-free). Contact tbsallingtbsalling.dk for details